Bringing True Leadership back to the surface

Bringing True Leadership back to the surface

Bringing True Leadership back to the surface Bringing True Leadership back to the surface


Quote from the reborn

HMakkiSpeaks #TheReborn

The reborn is my inspirational keynote, it is the core of my work simply because it is my personal story, I intend to share my own message to inspire others!

Here are few of the topics that I can teach on as a tailored presentation extracted from the reborn message:

  • Essence of existence
  • Believing in oneself
  • Building Confidence in oneself
  • Building Self Esteem
  • Knowing oneself worth
  • overcoming challenges

The importance of Teaching and educating before training

HMakkiSpeaks #TrueLeadership

Many trains in leadership but very few teach true leadership!

"True Leadership" is what I believe in, and I am passionate about speaking and teaching on this spectacular principle of life.

Since 2010 I have been eager to learn and study true leadership and the journey is still ongoing.  

Enjoying the impact of this principle on my life made me want to share what I live!

Through my teaching and or speaking, I will highlight the fundamental principles of true leadership to help to raise awareness...such as:

  •  Things you need to know about Leadership
  • Be a .P.A.R.T of immortal impact 
  • The 5 pillars of Inspiration

 "I  also offer customized presentations to fit your individual, or team’s needs "


True Leaders

HMakkiSpeaks #GoldenShell

The philosophy of the #GoldenShell is simple, it is the journey towards reaching the leader's peak performance!

This is where I work closely with leaders in different fields towards leveling up and or reforming their leadership in order to maximize their impact on their team, organization or community. 

لقاء اذاعي حول موضوع "القيادة الحقيقية"

 حوار شيق جدا عن مفهوم القيادة الحقيقية ... القيادة لا تقتصرعلى اشخاص معينين, انها ليست دور بل اسلوب حياة!

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