Bringing True Leadership back to the surface

Bringing True Leadership back to the surface

Bringing True Leadership back to the surface Bringing True Leadership back to the surface

What is C.R.O.W.N. Life ?

Crown Life is a theme, which represents a type of life.  The word “crown,” as an adjective, means “The highest or most nearly perfect state of anything.”  We know that the word “crown” is used most often when describing the top of something or the best of something (i.e. the crown of your head, or the crown of the mountain, or even the crown jewels.) placing the word “crown” in front of the word “life” is to create a theme that says “To become the best version of yourself!

Through the C.R.O.W.N Life Coaching and training program, you will be exposed to  5 pillars that represent 5 words which have the ability to help you understand how to actually live your uniqueness.

Are you living your C.R.O.W.N. Life?

As a Crown Life Trainer International (CLTI) and Head of the Middle East Division, I will be working with you towards what we see is important to any individual who is seeking to reach his or her potential and that is finding your true calling by exploring the 5 pillars of character building, or as we call it "the 5 pillars of your C.R.O.W.N. Life" .

Our Goal

Crown Life team's  ultimate goal is to develop quality leaders, using our Crown Life framework, around the world. Inspiration can undeniably change lives forever; and we want to be an intricate part of that process. 

C.R.O.W.N. Life Training Sessions



I  learned a number of things to develop in setting goals, and setting time limits, also the fact that changing your Perspective affects your Performance and leads to your Potential. There is a book in each one of us and i will develop this book as a part of my legacy.  Crown Life has been well worth the time and effort .

- Milton Dana

I found the perspective framework and i will start the process of living the Crown life.

I loved the "Releasing all your talents, gifts and ideas" part.

- Ahmed Al Sharqawi

I learned the importance of knowing our self worth and that to be a champion is much more important than to try to be a winner in every situation.

- Mirray El Tofeili

I have been asking myself for a long time and wondering, how to achieve my goals but today i learned that the why is more important .

I also learned that being a champion is more important than succeeding.

- Ali Sabbagh

The Crown Life courses