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Houssam was born and raised in Kuwait; and he graduated from high school in the year of 1999. He was not able to attend an university early on  because of his family’s financial situation, but this didn’t stop him.

His experience does not come from one background. 

Houssam has worked in many fields such as IT, sales, marketing and customer service; but he couldn’t find himself in any of them.

He went through many challenges and tough situations; his major breakthrough was when he lost his business back in 2009 due to an economic crisis; in that same year, he got a clear message from the Lord to start seeking his calling.

In 2013, he was introduced to his true calling; since then, Houssam clarified what work he was to specialize in and decided to act on it!

Houssam has committed himself to the development of others and share his journey with the world. 

Today Houssam is an Author also a Life and Leadership Coach, Teacher, Mentor, and Consultant.

Houssam's Book

The Reborn


“When I was a child, I used to always see glimpses of myself sharing my story with the world; but never thought that it would be through a book.” - Houssam Makki

In 2015, Houssam published his first book called, “The Reborn;” that is based on his true story of coming back to life. He believes that every single person exists for a reason. 

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What are they saying about "The Reborn"

- Delonda De Graffenried

"The Reborn tells the story of the life of Houssam Makki, a man who, because of a tragic accident as a toddler, had been written off by many, and given little hope to live even a basic life. Through God, the power of words, and a few key people in his life, Houssam Makki has matured into a man who has surpassed all expectations! He lives beyond limits and embraces a life that is extraordinary!  In The Reborn, Houssam tells his story, and lays out the principles that he has personally embraced during his journey. Houssam's captivating message prompts his readers to assess their current situations and awaken the dreams inside of them. He challenges them to believe for goals that may seem impossible, and most importantly, to never quit!" 

-Marquez Hughley, ​Founder of CROWN LIFE ENTERPRISES, LLC.  

-Valerie LaReau,