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"Every person of a value is successful but not every successful person is of a value" -  Houssam Makki

"The thing is not working hard but what are you working hard at that counts" -  Houssam Makki

"We were a part of a plan before we exist" -  Houssam Makki

"I am a product of God that can never be denied" -  Houssam Makki

"If your beliefs have boundaries somehow then you are blind somewhere" -  Houssam Makki

"You can do more than just exist on this planet" -  Houssam Makki

"In whatever you are doing or planning to do to fulfill your destiny, know this; God is your partner" -  Houssam Makki

"The real definition of blindness is not seeing God in everything" - Houssam Makki

"Your dream is a reality that no one can see but you, until you make it happen" -  Houssam Makki


"Leadership is a principle of life" -  Houssam Makki


"Follow who inspires you to become you" -  Houssam Makki

"If you want to succeed bad enough, you have to stand on the edge of your life." -  Houssam Makki


"True leadership is inspiration" -  Houssam Makki


"Don't customize yourself to fit, embrace who you are and stand out." - Houssam Makki

"To live a life of significance, have a sense of direction." -  Houssam Makki


"Leadership eats system for lunch" -  Houssam Makki

"A true leader is a combination of Virtues, Principles and Morals. His leadership must reflect that." -  Houssam Makki

"If you don't understand how life operates, you will think that luck is a factor." -  Houssam Makki


"Leaders don't seek power, they are the source of empowerment" - Houssam Makki


Life is a journey towards the peak of the golden state” –  Houssam Makki

"You were born a champion to grow through life and die a legend" - Houssam Makki 


"Leaders are influencers but influencers are not necessary leaders" - Houssam Makki


"If your believe doesn't get you anywhere moving forward ... challenge it" -  Houssam Makki

"The first step towards becoming is to will." -  Houssam Makki

"The effectiveness of leadership is always determined by the quality of the leader who models it," -  Houssam Makki 

"You can win or be a champion, you choose" -  Houssam Makki


"I will because I can and I can because I am" -  Houssam Makki


"Programmed minds will never understand made up minds" -  Houssam Makki


"God exist in your purpose" -  Houssam Makki


"You will be what you will to be" -  Houssam Makki

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