| The Vision | Bringing True Leadership to the surface


- The Mission -

HMakkiSpeaks is committed to teach the right fundamental principles of true leadership, to help individuals discover the leader within and develop their leadership , so they can transform communities and inspire the world.


For many years the term "Leadership" has been misinterpreted. It has been said that this term was confined to a certain group of people that are labeled with pigmentations, qualifications etc… but not abilities, so most cultures never encourage individuals to find and commit to become themselves! Because they surrendered to the idea that leadership is not for them.

The truth is; we all have the spirit of leadership and inside every human being there is a hidden leader … I didn’t know that by gathering information but I lived and experienced the process of giving birth to the leader in me!

Helping you discovering the leader and maximizing your leadership is what I have dedicated my life for.

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